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Kamis, 14 Februari 2008


1. Tapping Nira
The First Step be done is tapping nira from sugar palm tree, is cleaned to be roof attached [at] each tandan of flower of sugar palm which have been cut to accomodate the niranya. roof of Penampung nira attached in the evening and tomorrow morning nya nira collected. To yield the product nata which with quality require to be done by screening to nira which have been collected the to clear of the mix dirt in it. There [is] two kinds of condensation utilized here, that is first condensation is making of mother liquor ( starter) representing condensation nira which ferment in bottle after diinokulasi by Acetobacter [is] xylinum to be made by a seed. Second condensation is especial condensation of ferment to ferment balance become nata.

2. Starter Making
To make the starter mix the nitrogen element obtained from manure ZA as much 2 gr / litre nira, enhancing 20 ml acetate of per litre nira ( 0,2 %), hereinafter swirl and braise boil the. hot condensation Nira is later;then poured in bottle as much 500 ml of each;every bottle. Shut mouth the bottle with the newspaper paper and fasten the cover with the bangle rubber, is later;then made cool by during 6 clock. After nira in bottle have been chilled, open to shut mouth the bottle and enhance into 100 ml of condensation of seed of Acatobacter xylinum which have been prepared previously in bottle of[is other;dissimilar. Cover return the bottle mouth with the newspaper paper and fasten with the bangle rubber and also let during 9 day process the inkubasi take place in bottle of before starter condensation used as by seed.

3. Especial Condensation Making
Especial Condensation Preparation in making nata that is by measuring [is] filtered nira and [enter/include] into pan perebus, enhancing nitrogen element obtained from pupupk ZA as much 2 gr of per litre of nira and acetate as much 20 ml [of] per litre nira ( 0,2 %), swirling and braise boil. After boiling to lift from stove and [enter/include] the hot nira as much 800 ml into fairish ferment balance of p x l x t ( 32 x 25 x x5 cm). Later;then posted over by a newspaper and fasten with the raffia in order to newspaper paper closing over unopen balance. After especial condensation in balance have been chilled ( 3 clock after poured), later;then enhance 200 ml of starter condensation, is then posted over by a newspaper and placed in space with the temperature 28 - 30°C. Perception process the ferment is ever perceived by during attempt take place, after nata formed perfectly at age 9 day, yield up the ghost of nata harvested and measured by rendemennya.

4. Processing of Nata Sheet Become The Product Ready to Consume
The Nata Sheet which have been harvested by lansung cleaned, later; then sliced in small size measure so that the in form of like dice. Soak the slice nata of mentioned in clean water during 2 until 3 day by changing immersion water every day so that nata will be clean and look whiter. Nata Slice which have bersih and look to turn white lifted from water of immersion and leak of during about 3 clock, is later;then braised. Nata which have been braised by a leak again is hereinafter cleaned and re-braised by enhancing sugar, acetate and essence of according to appetite. Before consumed, let the nata terendam in sugar water of during 2 until 3 day in order to kekenyalannya decrease bland so that eaten. nata in air conditioner will give to feel more scrumptious at the time of consumed and can slow down fast of damage of nata of effect of deterioration.